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Blumenthal, Cordone, & Erklaur, PLLC

A bit of history.

BC&E is a real estate litigation law firm located in the District of Columbia.  They are a successful firm that has relied on a great reputation and word of mouth to grow.  As part of their overall strategy for last year they prioritized the creation of a brand and an informational website to bring the firm up to par with their competitors.

A unique problem to have.

It's a rare that you come across a company with 20+ years of experience that has never needed branding before.  Even more rare that the case for branding was not to grow an already bustling business.  BC&E was truly a unicorn.  With the luxury of knowing exactly who they are, what they want to convey and not being under any pressure of deadlines, we got to work.


From the very beginning, the messaging that came from BC&E was clear and concise.  I was given a well-crafted verbal image of who they wanted to be as a brand with the freedom to offer up choices that I thought worked best.  The direction that was given was:

  • Needs to contain the BC&E initials

  • Should have something that represents real estate

  • Simple/clean

  • High class/elegant

This was version 1.0 that was sent over.


Admittedly, I don't typically send over 1st versions of logos in full color.  Unless instructed otherwise, I typically work in B&W to create a logo so that the client is not picking a logo based on color bias, but picking based purely on the design they feel best represents their image.

The difference here was that BC&E had such a clear vision of who they were that I was able to jump straight in with a single color scheme.

The calculated risk paid off.

The remainder of our logo design process was this screenshot with a little note asking for more serif font choices:


My response:


Their response: Bodoni for the win.


In my experience, when someone says they need something and it's "super quick" or "super easy", that is never the case... until it happens.  Then it becomes "hardly ever" the case. 


This website actually was simple.

Seriously, this hardly ever happens.  They handed off all content, gave some direction on imagery and let me "do my thing". 

Version 1.0 is below.


The Verdict?

Working with BC&E was truly different.  They knew exactly what they wanted and how that should be represented.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with this client and now have a "hardly ever" experience to share as part of my story.

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