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About this site

In creating my portfolio this way, my aim was to not only give you a representation of who I am professionally, but equally important, who I am as a person.  I've tried to interject bits of my personality into the descriptions. 


I hope the takeaway is that I'm a good human who loves design and the design process, and I truly care about your experience. 

Another thing to note is that i'm currently on a bit of a journey.  My goal is to shift from: From design leader to... design leader.

As part of Polaris Alpha, I had the opportunity to stand up the companies first cross-functional UX/UI team.  We were doing some really cool stuff.  Stuff I miss and want to do more of.  I have recently taken it upon myself to enroll in the Google UX certification course.  My hope is the get more up to speed on current UX trends and practices and apply those skills in meaningful ways.


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