Jay Bustamante's resume

A bit of history.

In creating my portfolio this way, my aim was to not only give you a representation of who I am professionally, but equally important, who I am as a person.  I've tried to interject bits of my personality into the descriptions. 


I hope the takeaway is that I love design and the design process. 


I truly enjoy the problem solving that design always presents itself with.  Everything is a puzzle where the solution is open ended.  I work hard, put my trust in the team that I have built, and give them the autonomy to create and grow from every experience. 


The goal of being transparent throughout the website is to give you complete insight into the process, good or bad.  Unlike most other portfolios out there, I've tried to include mistakes I've made to show you the ups, downs, and final results.



Contact info:

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If you have design needs, we should talk.  I'd love to help!