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My spirit guide

Ted Lasso once said:

For me, success is not about the wins and losses. It’s about helping these young fellas be the best versions of themselves on and off the field.

Like Ted, my priorities also center around the people, mine and the ones we design for. 


Whoever you are, or wherever you are,

My mission is to

see you.

and hopefully work some pizza into an interaction or three

To quote the poet Montell Jordan


This is how we do it

The design leader is not always the best designer on the team, but it should always be the person who's the best at helping them succeed!


This is circulated and checked for accuracy and then printed out and placed on my wall.  Next up, we look at what works, what doesn't work, what needs to change and develop a new workflow.  Below is a modified version of the above diagram.


By getting rid of a bottleneck of having all of the tickets go through the PM, their time is opened up to manage other tasks, designers can interact directly with the kanban board and visibility/transparency is shared across the project for all people involved.

I'll work with the team to develop visual representations of all of the current workflows as an alignment and ownership project. 


Also, most importantly, I use this time to really get to know my team.

I'm a force multiplier.

Take a look at the numbers, they're impressive.


Increase in team efficiency


Increase in team utilization


Increase in team collaboration


Image by Toa Heftiba

We is greater than me

and you can't spell Bustamante without us.

I care about my teams. 


I learn all about them- likes, dislikes, hopes, and aspirations.  I take all that knowledge and use to align their personal goals with our corporate goals.  Putting them in positions to succeed increases their output, visibility, loyalty and joy.


We are more than our jobs

Be a bridge builder

Or tunnels, roads, bike paths, sidewalks, etc.

I reach across divides to build relationships.


This is essential in becoming an enabler.  Being able to break down barriers to create a bigger "we" across an organization only makes us all stronger.

It's a learning opportunity

Lets take a minute to learn from that.

Transparency and vulnerability are the tools needed for trust and coaching.


This may come as a surprise, I've messed up a handful of times in my career.  OK, so more than a handful.  Point is, I've always taken ownership of the mistakes and brought them to my teams as coaching opportunities. 

but our work history does help tell the story of how we see things

Asset 1.png

Here is some of the work my teams have done

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