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Hi, my name is Jay and I am an experience(d) designer, design leader and like Netflix, I'm a bringer of joy.


I remember the exact moment that I wanted to work for Netflix.  I was watching Stranger Things with my wife and I really wanted to know if other people thought it was as nostalgic as I did.  I turned to social media outlets, and they were filled with spoilers.  While I did eventually find out that everyone felt the same way I did, what I really felt was like an opportunity had been missed.

I wanted to engage with others and interact with the show in real time. 


Let's build this together!

A few other things that I enjoy:

  • Finding things in common with someone I've just met

  • Leaving things better than how I found them

  • Great process/experiences

  • Pointing out bad process/experiences
    (so that everyone else can be miserable)

  • Working together with a team

  • Finding easier ways to do things

  • Giving time back to people

  • Watching murder mysteries with my wife

  • Making time-stamped guesses about those murder mysteries in my notes app on my phone 
    and showing them to her later

  • Playing games with my kids

  • Finding great memes/videos

  • Sharing those videos with everyone I know

  • Magic card tricks (thanks pandemic!)

  • Volleyball

  • Ted Lasso

There are a few "W's" and a "T" that define how I do things.


Outside of being inherently curious about everything, I got a masters degree in "why" from my children...


"What" is in a permanent cycle with "why".  A question born from curiosity and fed with requirements.


I am totally that person who shows up to parties early, this reflects in my work.

Test Everything

It's a basic principle of any decent UX designers toolkit right?  I take this all the way down to the studs. 


There is not a single image that my team creates or uses, be it an icon or a complex workflow diagram that is not put in front of a group of users with the simple question "What does this image say"?

If it doesn't hit the target, we iterate another version, and try again. 

Some of the stuff I've done.


I joined Fieldforce as Director of UX/UI, and since it was a startup, I was also the Director of Marketing.


With the luxury of knowing exactly who they are, what they want to convey, we got to work.


As the director of design for Polaris Alpha, I formed a cross- functional UX/UI team.


The journey from voluntold to volunteer.


Building a startup is hard.  There are bits to that journey here.


Growing a relationship from one business into the next.

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