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As the poet Montell Jordan once said

"This is how we do it"

The foundation of my job is to be an enabler for my team. Sometimes that's being a bridge-builder, sometimes it's knocking down silos, and other times it's a well-timed ice cream sandwich.

There is one thing that my job always is... that's being an empathetic listener.

We spend so much time learning every detail about our users that sometimes we miss the people gathering the data. I make it a point to learn everything I can about my teams.

When I'm able to align the personal goals of each team member with the corporate vision for our team, happiness and productivity are dramatically increased. I've partnered this with some great processes that have resulted in a 300% boost in productivity.

When I align leadership and team member expectations, the result is an increase in visibility and efficiency.

Overall, this philosophy has my team ranked as some of the happiest in the company.


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